Professional Car Paint Scratch Repair Services In Calgary

Paint Chip Repair

Does Your Car Need Paint Chip Repair?
Stones thrown from the road by a vehicle in front of you or a drive through a construction zone can cause chips on your vehicle. Over time the chips add up and your car has a rash from life on the road. Worse if stone chips aren’t dealt with, they lead to rust.

Stop it before it gets too far!
Whether it is:
  • Chip Repair
  • Scratch Repair
  • Prep to Surface Rust on Chip
Renu Auto Appearance can fix all your paint chip repairs without costing you a fortune, or leaving your car looking like it has chicken pox.

Now you don’t have to use mismatched nail polish to cover up chips and scratches on your car. You also don’t have to worry whether the colors will match exactly to your car. Renu Auto Appearance is a CroMax Cosmetic Car Repair Centre, and that means we have an easier and cost effective way to fix paint chip repair, Paint scratch repair and surface rust on chip repair.
To fill chips and scratches to improve appearance on your car and to prevent rust; we use CroMax Car Repair processes and products.

CroMax Chip Repair System relies on patented color matching tools to select the exact colour for your car down to the plant where the car was made, and has about 60000 choices. Certified Technicians, then use CroMax coding and special binders approved by your vehicle manufacture for warranty work.

Chip repair, scratch repair and prep to surface rust on chips should be of no worry to you anymore. We specialize in cars such as BMW, Accura, Lexus, Infiniti, Mercedes and more. You can trust Renu Auto Appearance to renew your car back to new. You can drive your car with pride once again.
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